Scale Aircraft Models

Scale Model Airplanes


Is there a scale model you've always dreamed to have in your cabinet?

Then look no further, I can build it for you. It's what I love doing. I build for customers who are requesting a specific model to be built to their exact specifications (type, color, markings).

Someone will ask; but why should I do it? 

I believe that there are two main reasons that someone will ask for a commission work. Firstly, he/she might be a serious collector who appreciates an expertly built model. Secondly, simply the don?t have time to build their own. 


Let me do it for you then...

I don?t have a favourite brand or scale. I will try and identify the best kit for a specific build. My expertise is in modern fighter jets, and these are the models usualy my current clients ask for. I have built a couple of WWII planes and also a lot of Warhammer figures and vehicles. 

Take a look at the photos sections to see examples of the work.

I would be able to source the kit (if you don?t have any in your stock already) and materials needed. 


What you need to do...

Send me an email with what you are after (kit, scale, cammo etc) and try to put as much detail as possible of what you want. I will do a research and try to identify the best kit for what you are after and price for it and additional material required if you don?t already have one.  If you are not sure of something we can work it out together!

Usually for a 1/48 out of the box build of a midium size (F-16s, F-4s) good standards kit (Tamiya, Hasegawa) with no extra (such as resin or additional detailing) I charge £400 plus postage. I always use a courier and insure any parcel (approx £30, always provide you with a quote). Of course depanding of what you want and the available kit the price will change. But this is soemthing we can work it out. 

I don?t ask for any deposit or money upfront only for the money to buy the kit and any additional material required. Then I will purchase the kit and material and start the build. I will provide you regularly with photos of the progress for you to review and let me know if you like what you see. As I only work weekends we can discuss timescales if you require. When finished I will send you final photos for approval before I post it to you. If you are not happy at this point we can part company and I will try to sell it to someone else. 

If you are happy, I'll ask for full payment and once received I will send the model out to you. Alternatively, you may pick the model up in person by arrangement. I can reassure you that my packing method is tried with a number of models sent out, and all have been received with not major casualties. It is inevitable that some small parts may break loose during shipment, so it is advisable for the collector to have some rudimentary modelling skills to make such repairs.


So what are you waiting for?

Please get in touch ([email protected]). 

One thing I can reassure you is that I love building model kits, and always striving to deliver top quality product and put the same effort to deliver as if it was my own model.